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Embraer ERJ-145 Home Cockpit Project
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Back Lighting Test...
........Apr 16, 2013

Just a quick test of the back lighting, it will be dimmable, or that is the plan.



Ok, had to get started...
........Apr 14, 2013

Had to go ahead and solder some stuff up.. still waiting on parts. Found a few issues to correct on the next version of the boards. I am not an electrical guy, have no expertise in circuits, pcbs.. nothing... don\'t know a thing... but, from what I understand, a \'via\', in the world of pcb design is a small through hole connecting the copper on one side of the board to the other. This \'via\' is used when at copper trace on one side needs to cross a trace on the same side... you jump down to the opposing side via the \'via\' and continue with your copper trace. I have been using eagle to layout my boards and have to say, regardless of how much room is available on the board, eagle is going to stick a via right up against a solder pad... I have via\'s too close in several locations... lesson learned...


RMU pcb\'s arrived...
........Apr 12, 2013

A week or so sooner than I expected. A quick test fit and it looks like they will fit as planned! Have a few more parts and pcs on the way, so not going to start solding things up just yet, but, another step closer. Onwards!...


Everything is a Compromise...
........Apr 4, 2013

Almost every decision is made through a process of evaluating options. With the available options, each will have a unique set of benefits and detractions... the decision is something of a compromise on that list of options. So it is with the options print "available for my wireless modules. There are many different rabit holes to run down... each has certain benefits, and each has a list of detractions. Do you chose more complex programming and interfacing for a faster data rate? Is there a reasonable data rate that provides a more simple coding for the average simmer. Are there features or add ons / modules / plugs that make a slower data rate option more apealing... to each question, the answer is yes... so... it looks like I may just be taking a trip down a few rabit holes before a clear solution, or rather compromise, is reached...


Autopilot PCB preliminary...
........Mar 29, 2013

Trying to work out a way to make the Autopilot simple, from a hardware standpoint. Have a plan that we will be testing in the next few weeks. Will cut some panels, order a few preliminary pcb's and see if it fits and gives the correct appearance...


RMU PCB on order...
........Mar 26, 2013

Probably not going to be perfect on the first batch, but I have the pcbs for the sides and the print "bottom buttons on order, complete with built in back lighting. Will take about a month before they come print "back.


MFD Test Cut...
........Mar 23, 2013

Continuing, panel by panel, I am working out dimensions and cutting out the parts on inexpensive print "masonite. As I get through the initial glare panels, I'll start ordering the associated circuit boards print "that go with each panel. Then, cutting and painting the final version of each panel... after I make sure print "everything fits as it should.

Have started drawing the overhead panels and will get those posted soon.


Making your own pcb's...
........Mar 14, 2013

Last year I made a pcb using a laser and etching solution. Worked fine, but it was obvious that you cannot get fine traces and accuracy with this approach. So, I had to learn how to make a more commercial grade pcb. Have spent a few months doing just that and pretty much have the process and production issues worked out... A good many of them went straight into the trash... part of the learning process... but, this is an important step towards those stand-alone wireless modules that I am marching towards! to quote jcw, ..Onwards !!


Landing Gear test cut...
........Mar 6, 2013

The ERJ145 Landing Gear Control is a simple mechanism. I did a test cut out of 1/8\" masonite to start working out the switching, motion and dimensions. Have to find the right size springs now...


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Apr 16, 2013 

Sim Objectives
(Revised May 2011)

1. Has to be immersive. To be fully immersive, the sim will need to be enclosed and provide multiple environment views.

2. The sim must be portable. The ability to move the sime with components fitting through standard doors. The enclosure will have to be modular with a maximum width of 32 inches per module.

3. Resonable size. I don't want the sim to take up an entire room. Will make every effort to have the entire sim enclosure fit on a sheet for 4 ft x 8 ft plywood. This will necessitate a single seat, half cockpit sim.

4. Fully functional in substantial conformance with the processes and procedures of a real aircraft.

5. Close approximation of accuracy is suffient. While some sim builders hold to a high standard of accuracy. My goal will be the appearance of accuracy is sufficient. Where deviations from scale are necessary, they are acceptable.

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