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Project Photographs - MIP Frame Support CRJ / ERJ Cockpit Project

Order a brand new set of flat panel monitors. Open the box and immediately void the warrenty by removing the frames... But talk about a perfect fit... That little ribon cable is the mico-switches. Have not yet determined what and how to handle these guys.
Mar 12, 2006 - Perfect fit - Just great when a plan comes together
Monitor shown here hard against the back side of the MIP. There will have to be some space to allow wires to connect to the functional FDS frames.
Mar 12, 2006 - Monitor placement - perfect. Note MIP panels is attached.
Primed, painted and attached. One coat of oil based primer (MDF will fuzz with water based paints), and two coats of a matching finish point. The frame is actually glued and doweled together. MDF will take screw fasteners in many cases, but narrow widths and end joits will swell and crack if not careful. In such places, a wood dowel and glud is the ticket.
Mar 12, 2006 - Painted and ready for MIP Attachment
Started laying out and fabricating the support frame. This frame will support the MIP and glare section and provide an enclosure for rudder peddles, etc.
Mar 5, 2006 - MIP Support Frame Ready For Paint
The narrow section in the middle will mate up with the center console containing the FMS/CDU, throttles, etc.
Mar 5, 2006 - FDS Panels Fitted and Aligned
Mar 5, 2006 - View From The Nose (Panel Rear)
It has started. In late Febuary I received a package from Flight Deck Solutions.... The panels had arrived.
Feb 25th, 2006 - FDS Panels for the MIP
In the weeks, months and years to follow... this small back corner of my basement will hold a very cool and functional flight simulator.
Feb 15th, 2006 - Building begins

Jan 18, 2018 
- 2018 - start again .. 1/18/18
- New MFD PDF Doc. 03/27/17
- 1st Frame Test Cut 05/19/16
- New PFD Material List 05/2/16
- New PFD Drawings 04/18/16
- esp8266 Modules 03/23/16
- Keyboard Emulator 03/07


Sim Objectives
(Revised June 2016)

1. Immersive. To be fully immersive, the sim will need to be enclosed and provide multiple environment views.

2. Portable. The ability to move the sim with components fitting through standard doors. The enclosure will have to be modular with a maximum width of 32 inches per module.

3. Samll Footprint. I don't want the sim to take up an entire room. Will make every effort to have the entire sim enclosure fit on a sheet for 4 ft x 8 ft plywood. This will necessitate a single seat, half cockpit sim.

4. Functional, in substantial conformance with the processes and procedures of the real aircraft.

5. Accuracy. While some sim builders hold to a very high standard of accuracy and scale, my goal will be the appearance of accuracy is sufficient. Where deviations from scale are necessary, they are acceptable.

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