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Project Photographs - Monitor Stand/Supports CRJ / ERJ Cockpit Project

The approach is to create a simple wood monitor support frame that will hold the monitors at the correct angle behind the MIP.

Note the notch in the front of the support base. This is to allow passage of the wiring for the functional frames below the monitor itself.

Mar 18, 2006 - Picture of the basic wood support brace.
Very simple three piece frame for support of the monitors. The Dell 17 inch monitors have the outer frames removed to allow the monitor to fit closely behind the MIP.
Mar 18, 2006 - Rear view of the monitor support frame.
This approach will not work exactly with other brand monitors. Dell uses a flange or fingered metal attachment bracket to attach the monitor to the supporting base. I have removed the fingered metal brace and attached it to my timber support frame. This allows the monitor to rest on the brace and be held securley in place with the metal bracket.
Mar 18, 2006 - View after steel bracket attached.
The monitor just sets down over the metal bracket finbers and rests on the wooden bottom support.
Mar 18, 2006 - Rear view with monitor in place
Again, not the notch in the front of the bottom wooden support. This small gap provide for the passage of the wires for the MIP frame buttons and rotaries.
Mar 18, 2006 - Monitor on brace and set in place.
Still have not decided what to do with the ribbon cable and buttons...
Mar 18, 2006 - Rear view of monitor in place
Note the left two monitors are very close together. Very little room betwen the Captains MFD and the Backup Instrument Guages.
Mar 19, 2006 - Monitor spacing for the ERJ MIP.
All three monitors are in place. Plenty of room to work. Note the access holes for wires and cables through the vertical frame supports.
Mar 19, 2006 - Rear view of monitor in place
The Dell 17 inch monitors are a near perfect fit for the FDS ERJ-145 MIP. The only hurdle is going to be working in the FO side RMU and the Landing Gear Control Box... very little room and depth to work with. You can see the edge of the center monitor protruding into the FO side RMU opening.
Mar 19, 2006 - MIP panels placed to confirm alignment.

Jan 18, 2018 
- 2018 - start again .. 1/18/18
- New MFD PDF Doc. 03/27/17
- 1st Frame Test Cut 05/19/16
- New PFD Material List 05/2/16
- New PFD Drawings 04/18/16
- esp8266 Modules 03/23/16
- Keyboard Emulator 03/07


Sim Objectives
(Revised June 2016)

1. Immersive. To be fully immersive, the sim will need to be enclosed and provide multiple environment views.

2. Portable. The ability to move the sim with components fitting through standard doors. The enclosure will have to be modular with a maximum width of 32 inches per module.

3. Samll Footprint. I don't want the sim to take up an entire room. Will make every effort to have the entire sim enclosure fit on a sheet for 4 ft x 8 ft plywood. This will necessitate a single seat, half cockpit sim.

4. Functional, in substantial conformance with the processes and procedures of the real aircraft.

5. Accuracy. While some sim builders hold to a very high standard of accuracy and scale, my goal will be the appearance of accuracy is sufficient. Where deviations from scale are necessary, they are acceptable.

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