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The Cockpit - FlightDeck

You can mouse-over each instrument for a brief description. Eventually, clicking an instrument will pull up a large scale view with detailed explanation of its function and opperation.
Overhead Panels Captain side yoke First Officer Yoke Captain PFD Captain MDF EICAS First Officer MFD First Officer PFD Display Control Panel Display Control Panel Flight Guidance Controller Center Console Radio Management System Radio Management System Timer Timer Reversionary Panel Reversionary Panel Digital Audio Panel Digital Audio Panel Backup Instruments Landing Gear Control Box Magnetic Compass Glareshield Lighting Panel Glareshield Lighting Panel Weather Radar Panel Weather Radar Panel Ann/Warning Lights Flight Crew Lighting Flight Crew Lighting Ann/Warning Lights

Jul 4, 2018 
- Soldering again 07/04/18
- New MFD PDF Doc. 03/27/17
- 1st Frame Test Cut 05/19/16
- New PFD Material List 05/2/16
- New PFD Drawings 04/18/16
- esp8266 Modules 03/23/16
- Keyboard Emulator 03/07


Sim Objectives
(Revised June 2016)

1. Immersive. To be fully immersive, the sim will need to be enclosed and provide multiple environment views.

2. Portable. The ability to move the sim with components fitting through standard doors. The enclosure will have to be modular with a maximum width of 32 inches per module.

3. Samll Footprint. I don't want the sim to take up an entire room. Will make every effort to have the entire sim enclosure fit on a sheet for 4 ft x 8 ft plywood. This will necessitate a single seat, half cockpit sim.

4. Functional, in substantial conformance with the processes and procedures of the real aircraft.

5. Accuracy. While some sim builders hold to a very high standard of accuracy and scale, my goal will be the appearance of accuracy is sufficient. Where deviations from scale are necessary, they are acceptable.

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